Mother’s Day at the Beach

Happy Mother’s Day. I would like to wish thanks to our moms: Nana (my mom) and Grandma (Jennifer’s mom), and, of course, Abby and Emily’s mom, Jennifer.

We gave Jennifer her gifts this morning. Abby had already told her what they were: a “vacuum” and “diamonds” (it was a diamond bracelet). So, there wasn’t much surprise. Jennifer had coached Abby to get diamonds. What Abby wanted to get her before the coaching was “an angel for the Christmas tree”. I had to tell her that because it wasn’t Christmas there probably wouldn’t be any angels for her to buy.

After church, we headed off to the beach. Since I had the day off, we figured this might be the last time that we could go to the beach before Jennifer and the kids left for Texas for three weeks. We all had a fun time and the girls had a great time playing the in sand. One problem we now face with going to the beach: how to get back into the car without getting sand everywhere.

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