Easter Pictures

Today at work I got my voice recorded for a new feature in Madden NFL 2005. I can’t mention the new feature yet, but hopefully EA will announce the feature set at E3 in a couple of weeks. Then, I will fill in the details. It was pretty cool, but I wasn’t given the script ahead of time so the first few takes were pretty rough as I got used to reading my lines.

Update on the Great Baseboard Painting Project: the dining room is complete. Now only the living room, kitchen and hallways are left. Not too bad for only working on it for a week.

Jennifer has been flattered lately because people at church are starting to notice the weight she has lost. She’s lost 30 pounds over the past three months.

We got our Easter pictures back from our photographer. I’ve scanned them in and I present the best ones here. Photographs were taken by Jennifer Adams.

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