The Big Move

On January 30th we closed on the sale of our house in Austin, Texas and started the big Trek to Orlando, Florida. We started by going to Jennifer’s sister’s house in Houston. There we were visited by more of Jennifer’s family.

We stayed there until February 3rd and then started on the road to Florida. We stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Tallahassee, Florida. During the trip, we stopped at several rest stops and we got pictures of Abby entering Mississippi and Florida. On February 1st, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas. The rest stop in Mississippi had a make-shift memorial outside and I took a picture of Abby standing in front of it.

We survived the trip, but Abby was pretty grouchy the entire trip. She didn’t like being awaken in the middle of the night by Emily crying. She learned first hand what her parents had been going though each night for the past month since Emily was born. She was not happy.

When we got to Florida, we stayed in a hotel near Disney World until our stuff was to arrive on February 8th. We played some putt-putt and ate at Margaritaville at Universal Studios.

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